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Reusse: Amid the loneliness, Wolves steal a magical defeat

Victory was so certain that Alan Horton was relied on to carry it home. The Rosas-ians failed him again.

Reusse: Like America, sports world also needs a good dose of healing

There was a fresh start Wednesday in Washington, and there should be a desire for this to carry over to sports, which kicked off this week with more embarrassment.

Reusse: The day Elvis died, that was just part of the story in Baltimore

August 16, 1977 might be remembered for the death of a rock and roll legend, but followers of the Minnesota Twins might remember there was more.

Former Kicks goalkeeper and coach Geoff Barnett dies at 74

The native of England was part of the original NASL powerhouse in 1976.

Reusse: Resurgent Gophers hockey quieting many anxious voices

Friday night's home-ice hiccup aside, Bob Motzko and chief recruiter Garrett Raboin have heard many fewer voices second-guessing Gophers hockey than was the case a decade ago.

Fred Roufs, president of Minnesota Baseball Association, dies

Roufs, 73, became the MBA president in May as amateur baseball was facing a shutdown due to the state's COVID-19 restrictions.

Reusse: Can 'Josh Allen Experience' rescue Buffalo from Vikings-like futility?

The Bills and the Vikings have ardent fan bases and 0-4 Super Bowl records. The Buffalo zealots have a bit more of an edge to them.

Reusse: Class trip brings Tony and Gordette Oliva together, 53 years and counting

A group of South Dakota high school students came to the Twin Cities for a senior trip.

Reusse: Gophers volleyball returns to action and it's the best show in town

You know what makes top-level college volleyball great? It's the brand of volleyball the University of Minnesota has been playing for the last 25 years.

Reusse: Will America ever get all the way around the bases?

"This isn't really us," we kept hearing Wednesday about the violent mob that stormed the U.S. Capitol. But is that really so?