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A longtime Minnesota resident, Myron Medcalf has previously worked as a news and sports reporter for the Star Tribune, and is now a national writer for ESPN. His column will appear in print on Sundays twice a month and also online. 

Medcalf is currently a senior college basketball reporter and nationally syndicated radio host with ESPN. He's a former Star Tribune news and sports reporter.

Medcalf: Racism, not a highway, tore apart St. Paul's Rondo neighborhood

They didn't just build a major highway through a Black neighborhood in the 1950s and 1960s. They killed dreams.

Medcalf: Minnesota artists uphold, demonstrate the timeless power of Black music

I've loved hip-hop music since I was a kid. It's filled with vivid imagery, anchored by defiance. Local rapper Nur-D, real name Matt Allen, and…

Medcalf: For far too long, voices of Black women in fight for justice have been ignored

Throughout the history of the movement for equality, Black women have been denied the recognition they've deserved.

Medcalf: White Minnesotans who ask why BLM protests police shootings, not homicides, aren't being honest

Those who ask why BLM protests police shootings, not homicides, aren't being honest

Medcalf: In 2021, Minnesotans shouldn't need another tragic image to commit to change

I remember pressing a gray button to get my voicemail messages and hearing the menacing voice. I was 20 years old, serving as the editor-in-chief…

Medcalf: How can Minnesotans face the truth about racism, past and present? Start with a book

To ponder the past is not an optional quest for a Black person in this country.

Medcalf: Our duty is to students of color falling behind

The great fight for any family of color in this state is to magnify the brilliance, potential and progress of our children against the undercurrent of discouraging statistics in Minnesota.

Medcalf: With a positive vibe, Black trainers push virtual fitness among a vulnerable group

It's hard to fight a pandemic — and winter inertia — while also shouldering the disproportionate health impact of the virus, Myron Medcalf writes. But these motivators help.

Medcalf: For Black Minnesotans fighting injustice, finding joy is itself 'an act of resistance'

In the middle of struggles for racial equality, it's OK to be tired, too. And it's important to do whatever's necessary to reboot.

Medcalf: To be Black in Minnesota is to constantly barter for acceptance

Value often feels like something you have to earn here when you're not white. Value seems conditional.