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Jennifer Brooks is a local columnist for the Star Tribune. She travels across Minnesota, writing thoughtful and surprising stories about residents and issues.

Previously as a Star Tribune reporter, Brooks covered the State Capitol and the Minnesota congressional delegation in Washington.

Brooks: A runner with heart gets back in the race after a year of healing

Last October, an irregular heartbeat sent Tyler Moon into cardiac arrest near the 8-mile marker of a 10-mile race in the middle of Summit Avenue.

Brooks: Minneapolis has first memorial to survivors of sexual violence

The new Survivors Memorial, at Boom Island Park, is a reminder that survivors surround us, like veterans of some forgotten war.

Brooks: Minnesota's last competitive sport is the 2020 census

Each response is an affirmation: We're here, our children are here, we count.

Brooks: At the Minnesota State Capitol, masks and loathing

It was the fifth special session of the pandemic and some Minnesota lawmakers still hadn’t figured out masks. Some wore their masks slung uselessly

Brooks: Being in prison in a pandemic makes life 'very, very small'

"He's scared. I don't want my son to die." Those words, from John Carlos' mother about her incarcerated son, stretched across a billboard in Faribault.

After one more terrible turn to 2020, Chey Car's customers rallied to get her back on the road

If you've ever wondered whether the few bucks you chip in to a good cause make a difference, here's your answer.

Brooks: Get better soon, Mr. President

Getting sick and getting hospitalized is the harshest possible way to find out how wrong you were.

Brooks: The plan is to have a plan for voting in this election

Six months into the pandemic and six weeks out from the election, we're all adapting, especially those who count votes.

After a traumatic summer, after-school programs prepare to listen to the kids

  It’s been six months since Mark Graves had to tell anyone to stop running in the halls. And he cannot wait to do it…

Brooks: Doctor dreams of Twins logo that looks more like team and its fans

In the summer of 2020, as Minnesota burned and its people suffered and died in a pandemic, a Twin Cities doctor turned to Minnie and Paul again as a source of unity.