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Outdoors columnist and editor Dennis Anderson joined the Star Tribune in 1993 after serving in the same positions at the St. Paul Pioneer Press for 13 years. His column topics vary widely, and include canoeing, fishing, hunting, adventure travel and conservation of the environment.

Anderson was born in North Dakota, but grew up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. He has an undergraduate degree in English from the University of Minnesota, Morris and a master's in journalism from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, where his focus was communications law. He and his wife, Jan, along with their Labrador retrievers, live on a small farm in the St. Croix River Valley. As time allows, Anderson competes on cutting horses.

Anderson: Lessons from Wisconsin's controversial wolf hunt worth examining

A highly unusual combination of events, including a lawsuit by an out-of-state hunting group, forced the Wisconsin DNR to hold a February wolf hunt it had not anticipated.

Anderson: Drones helping modernize deer counts through locating fawns

The whereabouts of deer can stymie wildlife biologists. Enter now the drone, whose usefulness has only recently been realized in determining deer and other wildlife populations.

Anderson: State's conservation funding needs are clear. Answers? Not so much

Minnesota's lands and waters and fish and wildlife are under pressure as never before. And we have an outdated conservation model

Anderson: This season, resorts beckon to the pandemic-weary

Most still have openings for this summer. But based on early bookings, they expect record or near-record years as the nation starts to emerge from the pandemic.

Anderson: Training dogs and long walks are gifts these days

During the pandemic, time is what many of us have more of, not less, and not utilizing it to some good end might be regretted when more normal days return.

Anderson: Even in this cold, deer can endure bitter winters

Minimal snow cover has made this recent cold snap in Minnesota easier for deer to survive.

Gunflint Trail's backwoods living is still a draw; so, too, is a fast internet

Of all that has changed over centuries along the Gunflint Trail, the greeting that pines whisper to old-timers and newcomers alike has been constant.

Anderson: Critical Habitat license-plate program veering from its dedicated mission

A closer look at the DNR's license plate Critical Habitat program reveals the agency in recent years has only minimally deployed license plate funds to preserve habitat.

Anderson: Wildlife management areas can foster a greater appreciation of nature

The notion of making some wildlife management areas more inviting is taking shape, amid questions about timber harvesting.

Anderson: Mystery around bears' reproduction is a reminder of their balancing act

Minnesota wildlife managers want to minimize nuisance-bear complaints while satisfying hunters' desires, while also, most important, maintaining a healthy, stable bruin population.