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Chip Scoggins is a sports columnist and enterprise writer for the Star Tribune. He previously covered the Vikings, Gophers football, Wild, Wolves and high school sports in nearly 19 years at the paper.

Scoggins was born in Missouri but moved to Tennessee when he was only a few months old and lived there until he was 20. He graduated from the University of Missouri with a journalism degree. He worked at newspapers in Texas, Connecticut, North Carolina and Chicago before joining the Star Tribune in 2000.

Scoggins: Letting U's Bateman play should be easy call for the NCAA

This isn't complicated: The Big Ten flip-flopped on whether it is safe to play football this fall. Why can't Gophers star Rashod Bateman do the same?

Scoggins: Zimmer on offense, 'Right now we're not very good at anything'

Kirk Cousins on Sunday finished with a 15.9 passer rating, the ninth-worst in team history. "It was just a poor day," he said. And it was. For him, his team, the whole operation.

Vikings fans find their way to Indianapolis

Plenty of Colts season-ticket holders who were able to score tickets to Sunday's game vs. the Vikings sold them on the secondary market. At a premium, in some cases. Capacity was capped at 2,500

Scoggins: Trip to sports cathedrals Wrigley, Notre Dame is lacking

The thrill of attending a sporting event is enhanced by the noise, the energy, the smells, the claustrophobic nature of fans cramming into a confined space. Remove all that and here's what it feels like.

Scoggins: Think Donaldson's ejection was funny? Think again

Josh Donaldson's post-home run antics Thursday were selfish, completely unnecessary and hurt the Twins' chances in a crucial game.

Scoggins: Big Ten made right call, but now the onus is on players

There's no wiggle room on personal responsibility if the season is to play out properly.

Scoggins: Streveler goes from Gophers transfer to NFL quarterback

The Gophers coaching staff had so little faith in Chris Streveler's skills that they ultimately moved him to wide receiver. Now he's Kyler Murray's backup with the Arizona Cardinals.

Scoggins: Big Ten's messy messaging case study in poor leadership

The Big Ten made a decision before it needed to, failed miserably in articulating why they made it and couldn't even agree on whether a formal vote had been taken.

Scoggins: Zimmer's defense gets failing grade in opener

The overmatched Vikings defense was ill equipped in every way to stop Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense.

Vikings' Mattison builds a 'hurdle wall' -- and keeps breaking through it

The "power of the collective" helped the second-year running back reach the NFL and become a role model in his California hometown. "Everything was always a learning situation," his mother says.