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Florida real estate agent Kristen Kearney was inundated with interest in a condo she listed in Lake Worth after photos of the $100,000 property and its Budweiser decor went viral. The former owner, now deceased, made it "his life's mission to wallpaper his home in beer cans, and he did it," Kearney said. United Press International reported every wall and ceiling in the condo is covered with actual beer cans, except the bathroom. Kearney said the property is under contract.

Hooters mask 'not appropriate'

Windermere, Fla., fifth-grader Ian Golba, 11, visited the principal's office on Sept. 15 after his teacher asked him to remove his Hooters face mask. "She said it was not appropriate for school and I asked her why and she said if you really want to know why go ask the principal," Ian told WESH. The principal at Sunset Park Elementary School backed up the teacher, asking Ian three times to remove the mask, which he did. But Greg Golba, Ian's dad, wants to know what the problem was. "I don't think it's offensive at all. It's just a restaurant," Greg said.

A compelling explanation

Tarrant County, Texas, sheriff's deputy Jay Allen Rotter, 36, called 911 on Aug. 26 to report that his girlfriend, Leslie Lynn Hartman, 46, had shot herself in the head with his duty weapon as they shared a hug in their bedroom, telling the dispatcher he "would have stopped her if he could have," according to Denton police. But as investigators analyzed evidence, they identified Rotter as a suspect, leading to his arrest on Sept. 14, reported NBC5. According to the arrest affidavit, the deputy had been active in the chat room Discord that night, where he posted that he had "just sent a 9 millie in this ... hippie." Phone and computer records showed the two had been arguing about the shooting of a milk carton in the backyard before the alleged murder. Rotter was charged with murder and tampering with evidence and is being held in the Denton City Jail.

Government in action

Ocean Township in New Jersey listed the home of 89-year-old Glen Kristi Goldenthal for sale on Sept. 9, foreclosing on the property because she owed 6 cents on back taxes from 2019. The tax shortfall had accrued to more than $300, triggering the sale, which alerted Goldenthal's daughter, Lisa Suhay, in Virginia. NBC New York reported the outraged Suhay began calling everyone in the township's office to explain that her mother suffers from Alzheimer's and probably forgot about the bill. Suhay took care of the debt, but for her mother, "This isn't over ... She's called me dozens of times in the last 24 hours," asking where she's going to live. Mayor Christopher Siciliano was apologetic, but Suhay remained incensed: "Shame on anybody who can't think far outside the box enough to come up with 6 cents in an office full of people."

A sssssneaky mask

A commuter boarded a bus between Swinton and Manchester, England, on Sept. 14 sporting what one fellow passenger thought was a "funky mask" until it started to move. The face mask turned out to be a live snake, wrapped around the man's neck and over his nose and mouth, the BBC reported. "No one batted an eyelid," one rider said. Transport for Greater Manchester, however, said in a statement that "snakeskin — especially when still attached to the snake" is not suitable for masks.

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